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Services We Offer
Flex-Staff offers a variety of staffing related services including:

Temporary Staffing
When you need fill-in personnel, we can provide qualified help on short notice.


Temp to Hire Staffing
When you want to add to your staff, we can provide employees pre-screened to your specifications who will start on our payroll and can be transferred to your payroll at no charge after a defined period.


Direct Placement
Flex-Staff is a registered employment agency able to provide personnel for employment by you for a one-time fee.


Payroll Services Plus
If you have selected an employee for a special project, but prefer not to have that person on your payroll, let us place them on our payroll and assume the employer/employee relationship at a reduced service charge.


PEO Services
Also known as employee leasing, Flex-Staff offers single provider services for outsourcing payroll, acquisition and administration of benefits, and employment law compliance.


How We Work
From recruiting, screening, and reference checking to testing and interviewing, we make sure that every applicant meets our strict employment standards before we make a hiring decision. We then maintain a database of immediately available employees who are carefully matched to the specific requirements of each assignment.
While utilizing the services of one of our employees, clients simply pay a weekly invoice. We take care of all pre-employment paperwork including new hire reporting, I-9 verification, weekly paychecks and all required withholding, unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation and year-end W2s.


Benefits to You
Utilizing Flex-Staff for your staffing needs has numerous benefits.

  • We’re easy to use
  • You get qualified people – state of the art Testing
  • You can “try before you hire”
  • You get faster response than placing classified ads
  • You maintain a smooth workflow
  • There is no expense or hassle of recruiting and screening people yourself
  • Your personnel costs are flexible
  • There is no unemployment compensation impact on your company
  • Paperwork is kept to a minimum
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Employer Resources

5 Keys to Partnering with a Staffing Service An employer guide on best practices when working with a Staffing Service.
10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing
As you know, one of a Senior Decision-Maker’s top priorities is managing the bottom line. And one of the best ways to do that is by controlling costs. When used strategically, staffing can control costs, which allows a Sr. DM to maximize profitability. Learn how strategic staffing can help eliminate overtime cost, limit benefits expense, prevent unemployment claims, reduce HR cost, and more!


Behavioral Hiring
Behavioral hiring is a process that assists hiring managers select people who are behaviorally suited for a particular position by analyzing both the position and the individual. Unlike traditional interviews which tend to rely far too much on a simple job description, behavioral hiring offers a more objective means to determine if a person has the right skills and personality traits to succeed in a certain job.


Guarantee Hiring Success
Tips on recruiting, screening, interviewing, testing, and reference checking.


Hiring ROI
This article gives suggestions on how to gather an accurate measure of the “Return on Investment” of your hiring decisions. The article also shows how to single out pertinent hiring criteria to make better decisions in the future.


Strategic Staffing
Overview of strategic staffing services such as outsourcing and facilities management that can lead to a competitive advantage for your business.


Employer Forms

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